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AXO-SUIT End Users Group

As part for the project we are setting up an AXO-SUIT End User Group (AEUG) comprising the following:

  1. Primary AAL end users: elderly persons who will actually use AXO-SUIT products
  2. Secondary AAL end users: friends and relatives of primary end users or AAL care organisations
  3. Tertiary AAL end users: organisations contributing in organising and supporting the AAL sector

We would like to invite all persons who are interested in being involved in defining and helping us develop assistive mobility exoskeletons for the elderly to join the AEUG.

Involvement levels

The participation in the AEUG is tailored to suit individual persons and covers the following general levels:

  1. Low: Responses to simple questionnaires (via email) on summary proposals made by the AXO-SUIT team
  2. Medium: Full reports supplied to allow detailed inputs plus follow up e-discussions and meetings
  3. High: Attendance at actual AXO-SUIT events for intensive involvement. Funding is available for this

Intentions of involvement 

The intention is to extend the EXO-LEGS end user group to create the AEUG, which will be engaged with the details of the AXO-SUIT work plan and the following interactions are expected: 1) AEUG requirements for AAL functional assistance, 2) Comments on the concept designs and the prototype exoskeletons realised, 3) Actual experimental testing of the exoskeletons produced and, 4) Assisting in defining the business and service models for developing AXO-SUIT products, 5) Other follow on research projects in this area. Professor Virk from University of Gävle will manage the activities related to the AEUG.


Confidential details of AEUG members will not be passed to any third party and all inputs made will be used in an anonymous manner. AEUG members are free to leave the project without giving any reason.

Sign up

If you are interested to join the AEUG please contact the AXO-SUIT project lead coordinator Shaoping Bai.

Associate Professor Shaoping Bai
Dept. of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Aalborg University
Fibigerstræde 16, Room 4.205, Aalborg 9220, Denmark
Phone: +45 99 40 92 91 (office)
              +45 21 35 96 97 (mobile)