AXO-SUIT is a three year project stated on October 1st 2014 and is funded under the Active and Assisted Living (AAL) Joint Programme, Call 6. The project brings together 3 universities and 5 companies active and experienced in R&D of assistive devices to specify the full-body personal mobility, reaching, and grasping requirements of elderly persons allowing them to continue managing their daily activities related to voluntary occupation (maintaining gardens or carrying groceries of more needy people), as well as participating in local social activities while preserving their health and providing motivation to remain active and independent.


AXO-SUIT is selected as the Project of the Month by AAL, Feb. 2020, see here



AXO-SUIT demonstration at YouTube:


In this three-year project, the consoritium has developed lower-body, upper-body and full-body exoskeletons. End-user testing has been conducted in Level-1 and Level-2 to test the performance of the exoskeletons in physical assistance. Focus group workshops are arranged to assess the acceptance of the exoskeleton technology and systems.



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