Progress and Results

AXO-SUIT Level 1 and 2 testings at AAU

The AXO-SUIT consortium organized tests to evaluate the performance of the exoskeleton prototypes. The tests were conducted as a Level-1 Test and a Level-2 Test and took place during February 19th - 23rd and March 19th - 24th, respectively. In total more than 20 subjects particiated in the tests. For Level-1 Test the subject were under the age of 50, while for Level-2 Tests the subjects were between 50 and 55 years.

The UB-AXO was tested, in which subjects wearing upper-body exoskeleton and performing activities related to the activities of daily life. For the Level-1 Test, subjects were fitted with EMG sensors (electromyography) to get objective measure of the exoskeleton preformance along with subject experience of the suit. For the Level-2 Test an in depth discussion on the experience of the suit.

The consoritum is currently processing all data of tests.