Progress and Results

AXO-SUIT Thrid Project Meeting - May 26th-27th 2015

The third AXO-SUIT Project Meeting was held in the small but beautiful city, Gävle, Sweden on 26th-27th May 2015.  The meeting was host by UGAV. Partners from other orgnaiziations including the coordinator  Aalborg University, University of Limerick,  Welldana A/S,  Bioservo Technologies AB Business, MTD Precision Engineering LTD, COMmeto and Hjälpmedelsteknik all came to the meeting. 

The meeting reviewed the project status, particularly the status of the first questionnaire. The design of upper-body exoskeleon was confirmed in the meeting.The fabrication will start soon.

The next project meeting is planned on 2-3 Nov. at University of Limerick, Ireland.



Partners relaxing at a bar after the meeting.